Little Ferry History

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Agar's Grocery    Main Str (Nor)

Agar's Nursery    Main Str (Nor)

Agar Print Shop    Main Str (Nor)

American Sokol Little Ferry    Detail   Organized 1896    Dedicate Hall 1898    Fife & Drum 1900    Hall Destroyed 1911

Arena Florist    Main Str (So)

Balala Shoe Repair    Main Str (Nor)

Blouhaus, Mrs. - Midwife    Main Str (Nor)

Boetcher, Mr. - Butcher      Main Str (So)

Brickyards Detail   First 1872   Mehrhof 1882   Felter 1884    8 Left 1904   4 Left 1923   Last 1956    Photo

Canino Poultry    Main Str (Nor)

Capello's Drugs    Main Str (So)

Cilli's Drugs    Main Str (So)

Charlies Grill    Main Str (So)

Charlotte Bassano's Artificial Flower Shop    Main Str (So)

Clausen Farms    Main Str (Nor)

Clemens - Car Repair & Gas    Main Str (So)

Congregational Church    Main Str (So)    Photo

Copello's Drug Store    Main Str (So)

Crown's Taxi Co.    Main Str (Nor)

Curtain Bros.    Main Str (So)

Dangs    Main Str (So)

Dr Marcini's office    Main Str (So)

Dvorak's Gas Station    Main Str (So)    Photo

Dvorak's Grocery Store    Main Str (So)

Emr Button Shop    Main Str (So)

Erdman's Ice    Main Str (So)

Feldner Brick Company    Main Str (So)

Flower Pot firm    Detail    1874

Forst Butcher     Main Str (So)

Fox Film    Main Str (So)

Friedman, Dr. MD    Main Str (So)

Fuch's Shade Shop     Main Str (Nor)

Fuch's Tailor Shop    Main Str (Nor)

Gardner Brick    Main Str (So)

Hackensack River Bridges    Detail    1804    1828    1900    1934    1940

Heckel, Henry - Plumbing    Main Str (Nor)

Heineman - Dry Cleaner      Main Str (So)

Holman's - Pigeons    Main Str (Nor)

Hook & Ladder Co.    Main Str (Nor)

Indian Massacre    Detail    1643

Janotta Dry Goods    Main Str (So)

John Bunny's Farm & Market  Main Str (So)

Kasper Garage    Main Str (Nor)

Kaufman's    Main Str (Nor)

Kinchley Real Estate    Main Str (Nor)

Kinchley's Savings & Loan    Main Str (So)

Knapp Candy Store    Main Str (Nor)

Koenig's Nine Mile House    Main Str (Nor)

Kotek Bakery    Main Str (So)

Kozler, John Hardware    Main Str (So)

Kratky, Mrs. - Grocery Store      Main Str (So)

Kutchera    Main Str (So)

Kurz's Button Shop    Main Str (So)

Kuss Bros. Appliances    Main Str (Nor)

Little Ferry American Legion Post Detail     1944

Little Ferry Building & Loan    Detail    1910

Little Ferry First Aid Corp    Detail    1937    1938

Little Ferry Historical Society    Detail

Little Ferry Hose Company    Detail    Photo    See also

Little Ferry Library    Detail    1916    1926    1929    2004   

Little Ferry Mayor(s)    Detail    1894    1896    1899    1903    1906    1908    1910    1912    1913    1914    1916    1920    1926    1932    1936    1940    (future years to be made available...see detail)                  

Little Ferry National bank    Main Str (Nor)

Little Ferry P.T.A.    Detail    1924

Little Ferry Rotary Club    Detail    1937

Little Ferry - The ferry..    Detail    1760    1776   

Little Ferry V.F.W.    Detail    1921

Lhotak Gas & Car Sales    Main Str (So)

Machotka's Dry Goods    Main Str (So)

Mason's Candy Store    Main Str (Nor)

Mayer's - Car Repair & Gas    Main Str (So)

Mayor(s)    See Little Ferry Mayor(s)

Mickey's Market    Main Str (So)

National Store    Main Str (Nor)

Pavlik - Home    Main Str (So)

Pekar's Grocery    Main Str (Nor)

Pekar Ice Cream & Soda    Main Str (So)

Pocahontas, Degree of  Susquehanna Council #107    Detail    1920

Post Office#3    Main Str (Nor)

Post Office#4    Main Str (So)

Post Office#5    Main Str (So)

Rehak Candy Store    Main Str (So)

Rehm, Jack - Ice Cream Parlor    Main Str (So)

Rosenbloom Deli    Main Str (Nor)

Royal Room Tavern    Main Str (So)

Rutz Car Repair    Main Str (Nor)

Seaplane base    Main Str (Nor)

Slavik, Dr. DDS    Main Str (So)

Sova's Gas Station     Main Str (So)

Sprafara, Mr. - Barber Shop     Main Str (Nor)

Srholez, Joe Insurance    Main Str (Nor)

Svec's, Frank - Shoe Store    Main Str (Nor)

Teterboro Airport    Main Str (So)

The Record    Main Str (So)

TJ Sokol Hall     Main Str (Nor)

Trefney Building    Main Str (So)

Trinka Funeral Home    Main Str (Nor)

Tuma Hardware    Main Str (Nor)

Turks Tavern    Main Str (So)

Varecka's Diner    Main Str (So)

Vesely, Mrs. - Seamstress     Main Str (Nor)

Vogella, Mike Photographer     Main Str (So)

VFW Hall    Main Str (Nor)

Vukou Electrical    Main Str (So)

Werneking Farms    Main Str (So)

Wilken, J - Beauty Parlor    Main Str (So)

Willow Lake    Photo

Wilson School    Main Str (Nor)