Little Ferry History

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Listing By Street :

         Main Street - So. Side   

            Main Street - No. Side


Main Street - South side

        Originally Lodi Avenue was joined to Williams Avenue, Hasbrouck Heights.

    Teterboro Airport

    John Bunny's Farm & Market    >    Teterboro - Jeep Chrysler Plymouth dealer/service

    Lhotak Gas & Car Sales    >    Dunkin Donuts

 Franklin Street

    Fox Film

    Charlotte Bassano's Artificial Flower Shop   

    Arena Florist    >    Veteran's Plaza

    Turks Tavern    >    Veteran's Plaza

  Paroubek Street

    Erdman's Ice

    Kurz's Button Shop    >    Homes

    Sova's Gas Station    >    Nuckel's Apartments

  Liberty Street

    Dvorak's Grocery Store    >    7-11 Liberty Plaza

    Dvorak's Gas Station - Son, Jerry (Feed, Grain & Gas)

    Copello's Drug Store    >    Sonny's Fish Store    >    Vacant

    Dr Marcini's office    >    Interchange Bank

    Royal Room Tavern    >    Post Office Pub

    Mickey's Market - Kazimir

    Post Office #5    >   Catering

    Dangs - Card & Pool Hall

        Pavlik    Home

    Kutchera - Boro Press & Insurance

    Forst Butcher    >    Cafe Amice'    >    Fat Kat Cafe

    Kotek Bakery    >     Laundromat & Chicken Fried

 John Street  

    Kinchley's Savings & Loan - volunteer

    The Record - 1. Henry Frank  2. Charles Mastik    >    Oliveri's

    Stationery Store

        Kovarik, Forocher, Jackman, Milo, Bailey, Wolfe, Erdman

    A&P Supermarket - Strohmeyer, Holman, Kostroun

    Dry Cleaner - Heineman    >    Pizza

    Trefney Building    >    Pet Store & Apartments

        Dr. Friedman MD

        Dr Slavik DDS

        Trefney's Electrical Co.

        Jack Rehm's Ice Cream Parlor

        J Wilken Beauty Parlor    >    Barber Shop

   Marshall Avenue

    Congregational Church II - Library - Pastor's Home

    Grocery Store - Mrs. Kratky    >    Mitchell's    >    Machotka's Dry Goods    >    Janotta Dry Goods    >    Jewelry Store

    Vukou Electrical

    Photographer - Mike Vogella    >    Butcher - Mr. Boetcher    >    Cilli's Drugs    >    Capello's Drugs

    Post Office #4

    Car Repair & Gas - Mayer's

    Werneking Farms    >    Car Repair & Gas - Clemens - Joe Kozler    >    Charlies Grill (later moved to Rte 46 destroyed by fire)

        >    Home

    Pekar Ice Cream & Soda    >    John Kozler Hardware

  Pickens Street

    Gardner Brick    >    First Aid & Senior Center

        Willow Lake Photo - Brick yard Photo    >    Fishing & Ice Skating, Boating, Swimming

  Riverside Avenue

    Feldner Brick Company

    Rehak Candy Store    >    Emr Button Shop

    Knapp Candy Store

    Varecka's Diner - Martha Varecka

    Curtain Bros.



Main Street - North side


    Teterboro Airport

    Rutz Car Repair

    Kasper Garage    >    Used Car Sales & Repair

    Holman's - Pigeons    >    Home

    Clausen Farms    >    Apartments

 Liberty Street

    National Store - R. Estaloff - Joe Tracey    >    Real Estate Office

    Joe Srholez Insurance

    Little Ferry Municipal Office

 Charles Street

    Agar's Nursery    >    Mona Lisa Bakery

    Agar's Grocery    >    Village Grocery Store

    Tuma Hardware    >    Hardware - True Value

 Garden Street

    Butcher Shop

    Barber Shop - Mr Sprafara    >    Accountant's Office

    Trinka Funeral Home

        TJ Sokol Hall - Fire destroyed    >    American Sokol (Czech School & Gym)

    Seamstress - Mrs Vesely    >    Home

    Kinchley Real Estate    >    Beauty Salon

 Grand Street  

    Svec's Shoe Store - Frank Svec

    Fuch's Tailor Shop    >    Scuba Diving Supplies

   Heckel's Plumbing - Harry Heckel    >    Home

 Brandt Street

    Kuss Bros. Appliances    >    Deli

    Rosenbloom Deli

    Balala Shoe Repair - Canino Poultry (in back)

    Boro Clerk - Wm Stika    >    Home

    Hook & Ladder Co.

 Frederich Street

    Werneking Farms    >    VFW Hall

    Charleies Grill Parking Lot

    Mason's Candy Store

    Midwife - Mrs. Blouhaus    >    Home

    Wilson School    >    Condo's - Faustini

    Agar Print Shop

    Fuch's Shade Shop    >    Print Shop

    Pekar's Grocery    >    Print Shop

    Crown's Taxi Co.


    Post Office #3 - Andy Bauer

    Little Ferry National bank - Mr. Wiseman

 Riverside Avenue (Bergen Turnpike)

    Kaufman's - Post Office #2

    Knapp's Store

    Car Repair

    Koenig's Nine Mile House    >    Tracey's 9 Mile House

                >    Seaplane base (behind Tracey's)

    Bridge - wooden to Ridgefield Park & Little Ferry Train Station

                Bridge Toll - toll collector Mr. Hoppe attendant